Friday, April 17, 2009

First 100 Days

We are drawing close to the end of the first 100 days of the Obama Presidency. What have we seen out of this President.

1) TOTUS - He is unable to deliver a speech without the use of the Teleprompter Of The United States. What kind of person is so insecure in his principles that he needs a constant reminder of what he is talking about?

2) Habitual Liars - When Hillary Clinton was caught in a lie about being fired upon in Bosnia, it must have been just setting the prerequisite for inclusion in the Obama Cabinet. Joe Biden has also been caught lying about being fired upon in Somalia. He has gone on to tell belittling stories of the former President, where Sen. Biden "set him straight". Hillary Clinton has gone on to lie to the American People, stating that 90% of guns used in Mexican crimes come from the US. She knew this was a lie then, and has never recanted her statement. The true number is 90% of the guns they have decided are American made actually are, but they make that determination with only 20% of the guns used in crimes in Mexico.

3) No Taxes, of any type, on People making less than $75,000 - This is obviously not true when the largest Tobacco Tax increase in US history took effect on April 1, 2009. Federal Cigarette taxes became two and a half times all prior increases combined. For those trying to save money by rolling their own, the tax on papers has more than doubled and the tax on rolling tobacco went from $1.10 to $24.78 per pound. That is a 2250% increase. Next in line - energy taxes.

4) American Apology Tour - Obama stammered and stuttered his way around Europe, fumbling through speeches and press conferences without the aid of his TOTUS. In every stop, Obama apologized for American enterprise and peace keeping, both of which are directly responsible for the worldwide improvement in mortality rates and standard of living over the last century. But, Obama's coup de grace was in bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia. He has claimed it was not a bow, but it is blatantly obvious that the head of the President is bowed below that of the (much shorter) Saudi King.