Monday, May 5, 2008

Why Liberal Media Pushes for Higher Oil Prices

I noticed this a few years ago. The Liberal Media and the leaders of the Democratic Party have been taking actions that will cause the price of oil to continue its upward trend. The Associated Press continued to print stories that gas would skyrocket during the summer of 2006, although gas prices had leveled off and subsequently dropped by 20 cents. The Democratic Congress has avoided doing anything positive about the energy crisis, except to point fingers at the President for not fixing the problem. They have made the prices of everything else rise through the use of farm subsidies under the guise of increasing the fuel supply. Al Gore has exacerbated the problem by making unprovable, outrageous claims of mass upheaval and tragedy.

I recently had a conversation with a college science professor that is in the minority of academia today. He has actually applied the scientific method to Global Warming and the Energy Crisis, and tested the numerous hypothesis with sound methods and unbiased reason. What he has noticed provides insight into the observations I have noted.

The Socialists, and Progressives, are turning the tables on America. Americans destabilized the Soviet Union by driving gas prices so low that Soviets couldn't earn enough money to sustain their government. Now the Socialists are driving the prices up to destabilize our economy. Venezuela is a major world oil supplier, and notice how they have cozied up with Russia and Iran recently.

The advantage for the Progressives is to drive people back into the cities, to be closer to the things they need, in order to save on gas expenses. This also forces them to be ever more dependent on the government to ensure they have the food, clean water, health care, housing, and transportation. This puts the leaders in Government in control - in direct contrast to the desires of the framers of the Constitution.

Another tactic they are using is to continually interject "Higher Prices" and "Inflation" into every story. This directly benefits Socialists in America who want to control everything we buy and everything we do. If prices continue to rise, Americans will accept "price controls". In order to maintain price controls, the government will have to control production. This is where they sweep in and "Nationalize" industries that used to be controlled by Free Enterprise under the guise of defending the ability of people to afford the food they need.

The Democrat-controlled Congress has already made overtures towards the energy companies, and "seizing profits". This is not very far removed from Venezuela that recently nationalized its oil companies. In so doing, they now provide cheap energy "for the good of the people". All that the people of Venezuela had to give up was their input into who leads their country.

The answer is to allow private companies to increase the supply in America and with our allies. But, the Progressives in the U.S. are working against Americans when they drive energy companies out of business, do not allow the opening of new or capped wells, sour relations with our oil-producing allies, and drive up operating costs with unvalidated regulations. The mainstream media outlets constantly refer to "Big Oil" and "Record Profits" to cast them as the bad guy. But, there are many larger companies in America, and their profits usually dwarf the profits of "Big Oil".

Free enterprise can solve our energy crisis, if the Democrats controlling Congress would allow them the freedom to do so. Think about what you are giving up when you let the Government solve your problems.