Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama's Closest Friends

Are you voting for Obama, expecting change from insider politics and greed? If so, you will be sorely disappointed. Here is a quick rundown of Obama's well known friends:

Jeremiah Wright - Militant black preacher
Connection: Married the Obamas and baptized their children. Longtime friend and Spiritual Advisor.
Issues: Hate speech against whites and America. Supports militant Muslim leaders such as Louis Farrakhan.

Tony Rezko - Businessman, Lawyer
Connection: Business Associate. First political contributor to Obama and first fundraiser. Fellow Real Estate investor.
Issues: Fraudulent business practices (wire fraud, passing bad checks, extortion, et al). Influence peddling (using influence with public officials to demand kickbacks from companies desiring to do business with the government).

William Ayers - Terrorist, Professor, Community Organizer
Connection: Friend, Fellow Board Member
Issues: Remorseless Terrorist Leader of the Weatherman Underground.

James Johnson - Businessman, Politician
Connection: VP selection committee leader
Issues: CEO of FannieMae, Managing Director of Lehman Brothers. Improperly deferred expenses to get a substantial bonus. Substantially underreported compensation. Received unethical loans from Countrywide CEO. In addition to his connections to the failed companies previously noted, his resume includes being failed candidate Walter Mondale's Campaign Manager. You may want to avoid investing in other companies where he sits on the board - KB Home, Target, Goldman-Sachs, Gannett, Temple-Inland, and UnitedHealth.

Rashid Khalidi - Professor, Activist, Founder of Arab American Action Network
Connection: Friend to the Obamas, AAAN received $75000
Issues: Openly espouses the viewpoint that Palestinians are within their rights to terrorize Israeli soldiers and citizens because he considers it resistance fighting.

Obama established most of these friendships during his early days in Chicago Politics. All of these people have maintained these relationships as they're careers have progressed over two decades. All of these people have stated they support Obama specifically because he thinks like they do.