Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Legacy Begins

Obama continues to build his legacy with today's announcement. "Obama Orders Guantanamo Prison Closed"

Obama has cemented in history his ignorance of politics, conflict, and history itself. Never in the course of history has any nation allowed the enemy to dictate its actions, and survived. How many people would play chess if the captured pieces were left on the board? It certainly sends a message to the soldiers engaged in the fight. That message is "take no prisoners". If an enemy combatant has the potential to be returned to the fight, then that combatant should be killed NOW! And, we have already found scores of former Gitmo detainees again engaged in combat with America.

So, what Obama has done is ensure that American troops kill even more people when engaged in conflicts. What Obama has decreed is that death is preferable to humane imprisonment as a POW.