Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stand Up or You Will Be Shut Up

People and institutions have been told that they are not allowed to grow and package food for their own use or purposes. The reason for this was given that it would impact the economy. But, there is apparently no concern of the impact to salespersons, mortgage companies, or renters when the government steps in and provides food and housing to poor people. (I can't say citizens here because they are even passing around the gravy to non-citizens, even ones here without authorization.)

This is a logical argument that would require a direct confrontation in order to dispel. We have been badgered and belittled from Republicans, Democrats, and people that are totally apathetic to politics when attempting to stand up for personal freedom. There is always going to be a potential cost to some other individual or industry if you can extrapolate far enough. If you want a current example, just consider the number of places in this country where driving without a seat belt on is a primary offense. We have allowed this infringement on our freedom because we "have nothing to hide" or consider it a "good idea". But, the cost of not wearing a seat belt is a personal one.

We have another recent example, where a mother has decided that chemotherapy is not the right choice for her 13 year old son. Most Americans would agree that radiation treatment, with all of its side effects, would be a good idea in this situation. But, what responsibility is the government taking on when they mandate treatment. They are threatening to become the legal guardian for this boy, meaning they will bear the costs of not only the treatment but his entire upbringing. This decision, and the associated costs, were never intended to be borne by taxpayers that have never met this person or even set foot in the same state.

When "good ideas" are legislated, people give up the ability to determine their own "good ideas". At that point, we have turned over our ability to decide what makes an idea good, and what we once called evil is called good on our behalf.