Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not Just Non-Negotiable

There are certain bills coming through Congress that are designed to fundamentally change this country. These bills are being debated, while some Congressmen seek concessions and others seek compromises. These bills are absolutely NON-NEGOTIABLE. They are so insidious in their design that they cannot be accepted in any form. I am talking about Cap and Trade and Universal Health Care.

The Cap & Trade system has been tried in other countries. Whether or not you consider it effective in its goal of reducing pollution, it has ALWAYS cost far more than it has provided benefit for. Not only that, but it puts even more power over every company and citizen into the hands of people that are seeking absolute and in systems that are rife with fraud.

Universal Health Care seeks to put full control of your health into the hands of faceless bureaucrats. It is already frustrating to deal with an insurance company, who faces competition from other companies and excessive regulation from government. You don't have to imagine how much worse it would be with a Single Payer system, because there are real life examples throughout Europe and Canada. The answer is never to reduce competition. The answer is to remove the barriers and foster competition. Only then will we awaken the innovative and entrepeneurial spirit that has made America the best nation on earth.

These bills are not simply non-negotiable. Despite all of the hateful rhetoric, standing against these bills is an imperative. If not, we will reach a time, in this country, when we will say:
When they pushed through Green Initiatives, I did nothing because I didn't want to look like a polluter.
When they pushed through Health Care for All Americans, I did nothing because I didn't want to look insensitive.
When they pushed through radical changes to my ability to travel, communicate, and assemble I was no longer able to do anything.