Monday, September 21, 2009

A Culture of Death

Don't you think you should be concerned about, or at least wary of, any movement that celebrates death? Traditional Democrats exhibit this cause for concern when dealing with those who support the Death Penalty. This legitimite concern has shaped the laws that require an exhaustion of all appeals before the death penalty is applied.

It is an established fact that Adolf Hitler felt he was simply the best at carrying out an improvement in the species. A commonly held, and taught, belief at the time was that the human species could be improved by removing the inferior humans from the gene pool. Whether or not this is true is irrelevant, when compared to the obvious question of who is qualified to make the assessment of which humans are inferior. At the time, a democratic process would have voted for exactly those people who were sent to the gas chambers. How do we feel about that in hindsight?

Any person that advocates for Abortion, has to deal with the prospect that they are celebrating death. Either they decide that the benefits outweigh the costs, coming to the conclusion that it is acceptable to celebrate these deaths; or they decide that the underdeveloped fetus is not a life, so they are not causing a death. This is a personal decision that each person must make now that abortion has become such an accepted practice. It is now unmistakable that many people have indeed come to the conclusion that some lives should be extinguished, some even up to the fourth month after birth.

The Green Movement has also become more vocal about the desire for negative population growth - meaning a decrease in the population. This can only be achieved in two ways. The average family, globally, could have less than 2 children and attrition will reduce the number of people on the earth. The only other option is to institute policies that will lead to an abnormal reduction in the population. This could be coerced suicides, dangerous conditions, or outright killings. The attempts to decrease by attrition have been pushed since the 1960's, and are clearly not working. What will the hardcore greenies resort to in order to accomplish their goals?

An obvious defense for the Death Penalty, traditionally supported by Republicans and Conservatives, is that it is only ever applied where the convicted person has made a clear choice to ignore the laws and commit a heinous crime. It is not a general call for clearing out the prisons. On the other hand, Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives are on the record, in the 20's and 30's, supporting racial cleansing; and in the last few decades strongly advocating abortion and full adoption of the Green Movement's agenda.