Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Federal Government Corruption

Nancy Pelosi - Earmarked funds to benefit her husband and his company. Diverted PAC funds for her husband's personal use. Defended by John Murtha and White House.

Harry Reid - Received $700,000 from sale of land that he didn't own. This should be considered a gift, and treated accordingly. It was buried.

Charlie Rangle - Filed ethics complaints against himself for misusing 4 rent-stabilized (government subsidized) apartments for personal use and soliciting funds on congressional stationary. He has also evaded taxes on income from renting his Caribbean villa.

Dick Durbin - Insider Trading: Following his meeting with Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke, Durbin sold over $100K in stocks and bonds. This is fishy because almost all of this money went directly to one company, headed by Warren Buffet. How did he know that a single company would outperform the entire marketplace?

Kevin Johnson - Mayor of Sacramento has been shown to have used Americorps funds for personal use. There are unsettled allegations of sexual contact with a minor and a payoff of $230K.

Barak Obama - As a result of the investigation into Kevin Johnson, Inspector General Gerald Walpin has been fired. Senator Obama signed onto a bill that requires 30 days notice to Congress, including a statement of cause, before any Inspector General is fired. He did not follow his own procedures in this case.

Tax Evasion - Tim Geithner, Nancy Killefer and Tom Daschle.

Have any of these people have been prosecuted? In fact, do a Google search and more often you will find articles defending every one of these unethical acts. Why do some others get hung out to dry, but then absolved, while these people get a free pass? Only one reason, they are an active participant in the secret society called - The Democratic Party.