Thursday, June 25, 2009


There are several issues before Congress right now that are completely non-negotiable for Americans. Any one of these cannot be allowed to pass in any form, or the freedom we have treasured will be lost until a bloody revolution has been fought to restore them.

Cap & Trade
The research is not settled. Every energy tax proposal that has been implemented has resulted in fraud, taxes, and increased carbon emissions. Without legislation of this type, the United States has decreased its carbon emissions more than most every other nation on earth. We cannot afford to take even one step on this road until we have more assurance that the costs do not exceed any benefits.

Universal Health Care
This has been proposed to the American public repeatedly, in the 1940's, 1960's, 1990's, and again this year. Americans have consistently stated that they want to make their own health care decisions, even if that means we have to pay a little more for that right. Politicians are now treating this as an emergency, but it appears that more Americans have medical insurance than at any time in history, approaching 85% of American families.

Card Check
Using mafia tactics of coercion and forcing a rushed decision is never going to result in the best desicion. Once a company is unionized, do they have the option of disbanding the union? How frequently has that ever happened?

Fairness Doctrine
This is not an attempt to get both sides of the story. With the numerous news outlets, including radio, TV, newspaper, satellite radio, internet search, and blogs, it is ridiculous to profess that someone is unable to get the full story. This is merely a thinly veiled attack on the Freedom of Speech.

Not one shred of allowance can be made for any of these issues. We have been pulled to the edge of a wide river, raging to an unknown destination. Any compromise from this point will drag us into dangerous waters.