Thursday, December 27, 2007

Leadership amidst Tyranny

The news today from Pakistan reaffirms the resolve to do all in our power to combat tyranny wherever it exists. The need arises from our instinctual understanding that the threat to freedom anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere.

In the time of upheaval, leaders will arise and show what they can accomplish. If there is strong leadership at the top, the majority will recognize and respect it. During the years when the U.S. had an ineffectual president with Bill Clinton, the number of fringe groups in the United States reached a point they had not been to before. The militarists of Waco, Oklahoma City, and Ted Kaczynski are nationally known examples of individuals who amassed weapons and took unilateral actions to (in their minds) advance the cause of freedom. Still the inaction at the top levels of government persisted during the continued attacks by Islamist Terrorists.

This is a highly underrepresented idea, where contrary examples can certainly be brought forward. But, strong leadership is certainly going to handle the events of the day much more effectively than handshaking and aisle-crossing. In order to save America's democracy and freedoms, we will need a President that can act for the good of all Americans in preserving and advancing freedom throughout the world.

Only a handful of the candidates have experience running a state. Senators are too busy stroking each others egos to be considered leaders. Just look at how ineffective the leaders in both houses of Congress currently are.

Look at the person you decide to vote for, beyond just what they claim in the run up to the election. If they are thoroughly untested, you may be making the way easier for terrorists from without and from within.