Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vast Multitude of Conspirators

By now you may have heard about the subversive planting of Democratic Party Candidate supporters into the CNN/YouTube Republican Candidates debate. If not, here is the report by the "evil" Fox News or the point-by-point by Michelle Malkin.

There is a small chance that they randomly selected 4 openly staunch supporters of Democrat Party candidates. There is also a chance that a majority of the 5000+ entries were from such people. In either case, it is clear that the party that coined the phrase "vast right-wing conspiracy" did so because its members regularly act conspiratorially.

This latest example shows that, not only are people at CNN willing to plant questions in the debate that can easily be shown to be from supporters of liberal candidates, but they prefer to use questions that liberals feel should be of concern to conservatives. The purpose of this is to coerce conservatives to think that their fellow conservatives are concerned about these issues. If the issue of gays in the military, or in party leadership, were important to the common Republican voter, it would be brought up as a matter of course. But, in truth, it is merely a stick that liberals attempt to use to bash conservatives for their supposed lack of diversity, understanding, or acceptance.

Most heterosexual Americans forgot all about the "don't ask, don't tell" policy shortly after it was enacted. That was the point of the policy -- not to make your sexual preference a relevant factor in your identity. By so doing, you remove this as a divisive factor. However, people who are directly impacted are not content to leave the matter settled. Since they are currently powerless to change the policy openly, they have sought to do so subversively.

There are innumerable examples of situations where editors have chosen to "out" a Republican, but show mercy to a "victimized" Democrat, in the same situation. The fact of this is being made ever more clear, and has been a direct impetus for the boom of the blogosphere.